Building Business Success Together

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U2B Networking operate all over the West Midlands, supporting, helping and connecting local businesses. Connecting across the West Midlands for new business that is difficult to secure working on your own, and helping you work through challenges with practical advice that would otherwise have you stuck in the progression of your business growth.

Book to attend a fortnightly networking meeting in your area or register your interest in a new Foundation group.


No group in your area, then help us to help you start one. Just use the contact us with a message of the area you want a U2B Networking group. You will be well rewarded for starting a new group in your area.


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U2B Networking strapline is ‘Building Business Success Together’. This means being a U2B Networking member and part of a team that embraces this culture, will help you on your way to building a better and more successful business. Using our groups platform as a business strategy for your business will result in building success together.


Members of your U2BN group will help you with all that is associated with running a successful business. Our structured fortnightly meetings are the place to be to promote yourself and receive quality, productive and proactive advice. Whilst also learning valuable business skills in a helpful and friendly atmosphere. 


Word of mouth recommendations with a referral will always be acknowledged as the best way to win new business. At U2B Networking we do this very well. As a member you will see and follow your results and be able to gauge your success month by month.


Every new member of a U2B Networking group quickly embraces our philosophy of “how can we help you”. At each meeting you communicate what you need, who you are looking for, who your ideal customer is and if you have any current challenges to overcome in your business. Together the group helps you to secure success in your requests. Your group every fortnight becomes your sales force and your advisory board.